RV uses

Reaction Visuals © originates in the live fusion of music and image.

la imagen de mi producto

It facilitates the creation of unique experiences taking into consideration the audience, message, art, concept, identities and brands involved.

  • What?

    Reaction Visuals © offers live visual production services in reaction to sound.

    Images are created to accompany music and context, empowering each event party and its communication: artists, theme, sponsors and music itself.

  • Why?

    There is a need to SEE the INVISIBLE.

  • For what?

    With the purpose of generating more sensitivity in our surroundings, with a remarkable artistic input.

  • How?

    By combining the hearing sense (11% of our perception) with visual sense (83%) through design and programming tools, we maximize experiences, obtaining greater levels of human sensorial perception (94%).*

  • With whom?

    Our team co-creates with musicians, photographers, sculptors, designers, illustrators, painters, lighting specialists, singers, DJs, and more, to produce high sensorial impact works.

  • When and where?

    Reaction Visuals © can be applied to any event that uses sound and visuals as communication or advertising platform.